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Are you creative?

The very word "creativity" points out the way to us for its comprehension and contextualization. To create with activity is to extract from sameness the creativity needed at certain moments. It takes much activity until one reaches a feverish anxiety so that something will come out well. We must leave the habitual, make mistakes and change without fear, forget absolute truths, put aside rational thought. Creativity is linked to the absurd.

What role to we want to play in the world? Creative behavior is a product of the view we have of ourselves.

To be creative we have to get outside the box, away from what makes us feel safe, we have to see from other angles. Creativity emerges from initiative and persistence, without the right dose. To support this position we must consider that the act of creating should be cultivated only if it is pleasurable. Creation is a constant struggle. Precious lessons can be learned by watching children. They truly possess heightened creativity because they are free of social constraints, and they act without fear and limitations. Over the years we are shaped, and we need to rediscover and develop the creativity that is within us. It's essential to stimulate it. This rediscovery is individual, not transferable. When the opposite affects us we tend to be more creative because of our needs. Finally, we are all creative. It is imperative to free ourselves from the paradigm that condemns in advance any personal effort toward a creative action that will fill what we do with originality.

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